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Beim Amerikanischen Exzeptionalismus (englisch American Exceptionalism) handelt es sich um eine Theorie, nach der die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika eine Sonderstellung innerhalb der entwickelten Industrienationen einnehmen. Inhaltsverzeichnis. [Verbergen]. 1 Historische Theorie; 2 Politische Doktrin; 3 Kritik
Some historians support the concept of American exceptionalism but avoid the terminology, thereby avoid entangling themselves in rhetorical debates. Bernard Bailyn, a leading colonial specialist at Harvard, is a believer in the distinctiveness of American civilization. Although he rarely, if ever, uses the phrase "American
Thus the “revolution” and its aftermath freeing the US from British control are important in ideas of American exceptionalism. But often the political differences are said to be underpinned by material differences brought about by the wealth/resources of the United States, sometimes seen as a direct product of the freedom of
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Thus, when Canada is evaluated by reference to the United States, it appears as more elitist, law-abiding, and statist, but when considering the variations between Canada and Britain, Canada looks more anti-statist, violent, and egalitarian. The notion of "American exceptionalism" became widely applied in the context of
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